Pathway Home: Responding to Homelessness in Tulare County Plan

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Homelessness is a community priority; it impacts everyone, from our neighbors who are unstably housed to those who have already fallen into homelessness, to our first responders, to all who will benefit from community-wide strategies that systemically and effectively resolve homelessness. Together we must coordinate key resources available across all sectors of the community. We are on a precipice and now is the time to focus on meaningful solutions, rather than simply treating the symptoms.

This Strategic Plan: “Pathway Home: Responding to Homelessness in Tulare County,” provides a set of goals tailored for our community that have been proven to be successful. It is a roadmap of how to address homelessness, based on local needs and strategies and tactics that work. To effectively address the crisis, the entire community — every corner of the county — needs to participate in solutions. Solutions are far less costly, far more humane, and the only way to create a system that effectively addresses homelessness.

The Plan calls for the County, and outlying cities and other partners to establish a Jurisdictional Action Committee, with key stakeholders necessary to successfully design, develop, and implement a crisis shelter, including elected representatives, city staff, Health & Human Services Agency representatives and direct service provider partners.

The Tulare City Council formed a Strategic Action Committee via Resolution 2020-06 on February 18, 2020.  This Committee serves in the capacity of an ad hoc body and will bring recommendations as called out for in the Plan to the City Council, who hold the final decision-making authority regarding same.