Mayor's Message

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Welcome to the City of Tulare's "virtual government center".  In keeping with our commitment to provide high quality, responsive and convenient customer service, we have designed this site as a "go to" resource for our residents and visitors alike.  We hope you find our web site informative, easy to use and interesting as you explore our City online.

Tulare is a wonderful place to live, work and conduct business.  Whether you are already a Tulare resident or business owner, or you are considering Tulare as a place to live or start a business, I encourage you to get to know this community better.  When you get to know Tulare firsthand, you will find a place where residents are proud of what their community has already accomplished and looking forward to what they will accomplish next.  Tulare is a place where a stable, fiscally responsible local government is guided by the concerns of residents and businesses, a community where a diversity of opinions leads to better decisions, not divisiveness and inaction; and most importantly, a community where residents from all backgrounds live and work together with the common purpose of improving the quality of life for all.

We welcome the involvement and commitment that produces a greater quality of life with our citizens and city government working in partnership.  City employees, civic leaders, our businesses and nonprofit community and neighborhood groups are all hard at work to make life in Tulare the best that it can be.  In the City of Tulare, people are our most important resource, hence our motto, "To promote a quality of life making Tulare the most desirable community in which to live, learn, play, work, worship and prosper."

We hope this site reflects the dynamic nature of these efforts and that you find its contents informative and useful.  We encourage you to browse our website and we hope you enjoy your visit!


Jose Sigala, Mayor
City of Tulare