Boards, Commissions & Committees

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Boards, Commissions, Committees

City Council appointees to boards and commissions, unless stated otherwise in an Advisory Body's By-Laws or by statute, or provided for by the Council, City Charter or Code, all Members shall maintain their principal place of residence or business within the sphere of influence of the City of Tulare at the time of their appointment and throughout the term of service.

If you would like to apply for appointment to any of the boards or committees described in the Board, Commission, Committee Brochure, you must complete an Application to Serve form and return it to the City Clerk's Office. When a vacancy occurs on any of the boards you have indicated an interest in, the City Council will conduct interviews of all candidates on file prior to making a selection. For your information, application forms are kept on file for a period of two years from the date of receipt or until appointment, whichever occurs first.

Because the Council recognizes that the time of its citizen volunteers is very valuable, a policy has been adopted regarding attendance requirements for all Council appointed members of boards, commissions and committees. Members who are absent from three consecutive regular meetings or 50% or more of all meetings within any consecutive twelve month period will be automatically removed from the committee upon which they are serving, unless the Council determines there was good cause to excuse those absences. By adopting this policy, the Council hopes to eliminate problems with meetings that cannot be held because of a "lack of a quorum". For more information regarding this policy, please contact the City Managers Office.

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