Rolloff Services

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Tulare’s Municipal Code requires all active commercial businesses within the city limits of Tulare to have a trash service account.

Our Municipal Code and Ordinance states: 7.16.030   Refuse collection and street sweeping services compulsory.

All dwellings, apartment houses and place of business in which refuse waste accumulates within the city or upon streets or public highways which abut such property shall be required to utilize the collection and disposal and street sweeping services of the city and to pay the charges set forth for the services by the Department of Public Utilities of the city.

(1995 Code, § 7.16.030)

For our customers that have a greater need than one of our bin containers, we offer rolloff services.

We have regular scheduled service rolloffs and on-call rolloffs.

We have 10, 30, and 40-yard rolloffs available. We offer Monday – Friday service. If not delivered. serviced or removed on day of request, the delivery, service or removal will be provided when there is availability.  

We require at least a once a month service. A minimum charge of $179.55 is added to your monthly billing if there has not been at least one service per month.

Our current rolloff charges are as follows:

  • On-Call Service - $179.55 per haul, $2.39 per day rental, $28 per ton for the material (C & D material is $39 per ton)
  • Scheduled Service (Must be on a set schedule at least twice per month) - $158.00 per haul, No daily rental charge, $28 per ton for the material (C & D material is $39 per ton)
  • Compactor Service - We offer compactor service as well. All fees above apply except there is not a daily rental fee since you own your compactor.

Overfilled, overweight, or blocked rolloffs or compactors will be assessed additional charges of $40 for on schedule containers  and $47.88 for on-call containers.

Please be aware, State Assembly Bill 341 requires any commercial business that generates 4 cubic yards or more of disposable trash per week to have a recycling program in place.

We offer blue 2 cubic yard, 3 cubic yard, 4 cubic yard and 6 cubic yard containers for recyclable materials. We do require boxes to be flattened. There will be no charge at this time for hauling recyclable material. 

Click the link below for more information on our blue containers.

If these sizes do not meet your needs, please contact our Solid Waste office at (559) 684-4325 for more options for trash services and for recycling services.

Commercial Blue Bins