Hydrological Enterprise Programs

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Water, Sewer, and Surface Water Management Services

Tim Doyle
Water and Wastewater Collections Utility Manager
3981 S. K Street
Tulare, CA  93274
(559) 684-4324

The City of Tulare's Hydrological Enterprise Program (HEP) includes water, sewer, and surface water management.  The City has recognized the cyclic interrelationship among the various functions and has structured municipal water operations broadly in terms of supply (which comes from recharge through its surface water management and underground water storage in the Kaweah groundwater sub basin), in terms of the water delivery system, in terms of the used water collection and pollution remediation systems (both its surface water recovery system and sewer collection system and wastewater pollution control facilities (which include both the wastewater treatment plant and the surface water basins)), and in terms of returning cleaned water to beneficial re-use and recharge.

Hydrologic Enterprise Program (HEP) Business Plan