Instructions For Completing Citizen's Complaint Form

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Please read thoroughly before you begin providing information...

  1. Please read the entire form before you begin providing information.

  2. Answer ALL questions to the best of your ability.  If additional space is need, you may attach a separate piece of paper(s).

  3. Be specific when giving the date of the incident and the location.

  4. The complaint form must be signed in two locations.

  5. Return the complaint form directly to the Tulare Police Department at the address shown at the top of the form.

  • You may return the complaint form to the Police Department by mail, in person, or someone else may return the form for you.

  • If return the form by mail or have someone else return it for you, BE SURE YOU HAVE SIGNED (AND READ) THE FORM at the two locations marked with an “X”.


  1. Once the complaint form is received, it is processed by the Investigations Lieutenant, who may make direct contact with you.

  • Your complaint form with be reviewed by the Police Department Citizen Complaint Review Board.

  • Your complaint will be investigated by the Investigations Lieutenant and forwarded to the office of the Chief of Police.

You will be notified by mail by both the Citizen Complaint Review Board and the Chief of Police regarding your complaint.

Below is the Complaint Form which can be filled out and printed.  Once printed you must sign the document and either mail it to the Tulare Police Department or  turn it in to either the Department or City Manager's Office.

online complaint form