Fee & Services Schedule

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Fee & Service Schedule:


All fees regarding animals brought to or picked up from the shelter are processed in person at the animal shelter. All fees can be paid by check, credit card or cash. Tulare Animal Services also provide several services for your pets. Pet vaccinations and microchips are offered at a reduced fee anytime during the hours of operations. Rabies vaccinations are offered on Monday nights from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and are administered by a licensed veterinarian.



Animal Impound. 1st day of intake                     $30

Animal Impound, each day after intake             $10

Impound of domestic litters (unweaned)           $30

Fowl/Poultry Kenneling per day                         $10

Owner Surrender of animal                                $90

Dead animal disposal of owned animal              $30

Impound of unaltered animal (1st offense)         $35

Impound of unaltered animal (2nd offense)        $50

Impound of unaltered animal (3rd offense)         $75

Impound of unaltered animal (4th and subsequent offense)                $100

Inspection fee by field officers (fence, housing, basic needs, etc.)       $46

Owner surrender of animal for euthanasia           $60

Microchip transfer to new owner                           $12

Quarantined animal (10 day holding period)        $120

Adoption dog (under 60lbs)                                  $135

Adoption dog (over 60lbs)                                    $165

Adoption cat (male)                                               $80

Adoption cat (female)                                            $95

Microchip implant                                                   $35

Tranquilized small to medium size animal (1cc)    $16

Tranquilized large animal (2cc)                              $30

Officer service fee                                                  $46

Officer service fee (after hours/call out)                  $91

Investigation report fee                                            $35

Dog license 1 year (unaltered)                                $75

Dog license 1 year (altered)                                    $10

Dog license late fee                                                x2 regular fee amount

Dog license 2 years (altered)                                 $17

Replacement dog tag                                             $1

Vaccine/Rabies                                                     $10

Vaccine/DAPPV                                                    $10

Vaccine/Bordatella                                                $10

Vaccine/Bordatella Oral                                        $15

Vaccine/Bordatella injection                                  $15

Owned injured animal Veterinary costs                Actual Cost

Owned protective custody of animal                     Same as intake and kennel fees

Abuse of animal services                                     $81

Corrective action plan                                           $81

Kennel permits/Inspection and registration          $219

Potentially dangerous animal hearing                     $104

Potentially dangerous animal appeal hearing         $104

Potentially dangerous animal registration               $104

Unaltered animal certification fee                         $104

Exotic animal kenneling per day                         *Pass through fees

Livestock/Equine kenneling per day                   *Pass through fees

Protective custody kenneling of owned animal   *Pass through fees

Dead livestock/equine disposal (owned)             *Pass through fees

Lab services/Rabies control                                *Pass through fees


* All "pass through fees" related to these services are charged to the pet/animal owner reflecting the city's actual cost charged by the vendor and subject to a 10% administrative processing fee.