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The Public Safety Dispatcher's staff consists of 12 technicians working on 12 hours shifts. The public safety dispatcher will work three (3) 12-hours shifts one week and then work four (4) 12-hours shifts the following week. Public Safety Dispatchers work the same schedule as patrol officers'. Skills required to be a Public Safety Dispatcher, such as the ability to operate various computers' and communications equipment, usually are learned through 4-5 months of on the job training. Personal characteristics that might be advantages for public Safety Dispatcher include good judgment skills, since they need to prioritize the calls they receive by order of importance, as well as good communications skills, since they must relay information between parties. They also must have good speaking skills and be comfortable talking to people in various emotional states. Public Safety Dispatchers must be organized, able to access a situation quickly and use good judgment. The dispatcher must have excellent communication and people skills to relay vital information quickly and effectively.  

Public Safety Dispatcher should be comfortable reading maps and be familiar with their assigned territories. It's also helpful for Public Safety Dispatchers to be trained in emergency medical services so they can help callers manage emergency situations while they're waiting for patrol officers' or other emergency medical staff to arrive. The Public Safety Dispatchers are supervised by the Communications Sergeant.


Public Safety Dispatcher handles emergency and non-emergency call to police. These professionals dispatch emergency response personnel to the scene of accidents, crime scenes, fires and other emergencies and non-emergencies situations. Dispatchers act as the communications hub for emergency services and must be able to quickly assess the situation and dispatch appropriate help. The Public Safety Dispatcher is responsible for determining the necessary personnel needed for the situation and the number of units to dispatch to the scene. The dispatcher assists in directing the emergency response personnel and communicates with necessary supervisors and other emergency personnel from surrounding areas or other jurisdictions.


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