Airport Notification of Drone Use

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Tulare Airport Notification of UAS / UAV Drone Use

Flight Date & Time
Please enter the date and time that you plan flight operations in the space below.

Flight Date & Time Please enter the date and time that you plan flight operations in the space below.

Flight Location
Please enter the location where you will be operating in the space below.


Drone UAS or UAV Registration Number

Drones over .55 pounds are required to be registered with the F.A.A. see for information on Drone operations and registration.


Flights Maximum Altitude
Please enter the maximum altitude or height above ground (AGL) for your flights.


Type of UAS / UAV or Drone to be Operated
Please select the type of Drone or UAV from below;


Details and of Flight Operations
Please enter any details regarding the flights, such as aerial photography, training flights, personal use or any other details. This information is for informational purpose only and is not reported to the F.A.A. 

Contact Information
Contact Information

Thank You for the report.

-- Airport Manager -- (559)-684-4287

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