A panoramic view of the Tulare Public Library Computer Lab.

Computer Lab

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Computer Lab
  • The Tulare Public Library has 20 public computers in the computer lab with access to printers.
  • In the Kids' Space there are 6 kids computers (ages 12 and under), 2 teen computers (ages 18 and under) and 2 AWE stations for preschoolers with educational games. 
  • Time limit is 1 hour per day, per member. Maximum of 2 people per computer.
  • Patrons must have their own card and may not use anyone else's card.
  • Guest passes are available for patrons visiting from out of the San Joaquin Valley.
  • Reservations can be made up to 1 business day in advance, in person.
  • Patrons may also check out a laptop for use in the library.  
  • Patrons must accept the “User Agreement for Internet Access” to have access.
  • Users are responsible for critically evaluating the information found on the Internet. For some helpful internet tips and computer policies click link: Internet Safety Tips and Computer Policies.
Technology Information

Here are some basic computer skills to get you started at home.

Mouse Skills

Mouse Tutorial

Basic Computer Skills

Basic Computer Tutorials

Digital Device Tip

Smartphones & Tablets

Keyboarding Skills

Keyboard Tutorial
Typing Club
Typing Speed Test

Internet Skills

Introduction to the Internet
Internet Information

Microsoft Office tutorials & Information:
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.

Learn Free Microsoft Tutorials
Office 365 Training Center

Internet Safety

Online Safety

Internet Security Best Practices:

  • Use complex passwords (Combination of numbers, letters and special characters).  ieateggs (example of simple password)  !3atE&&s (example of complex password).  
  • Be careful what personal information you post on social media platforms (like Facebook). Electronic messages and pictures can be seen by others online.  
  • Use caution when opening emails when you do not know the person sending you information. 
  • Verify information by searching the subject at http://www.snopes.com/ OR "Truth or Fiction" http://www.truthorfiction.com. (Just because you read information online doesn't mean it is true). 
  • More tips from UC Berkley on internet security best practices. 

Setting up an Email

Watch this video to set-up a Yahoo Email account

Watch this video to set-up a Google Email account

Work and Career

Work and Career Skills
Learning Express Library

Free Library Services

One-on-One Technology help for patrons is available at the Tulare Public Library. To Schedule a One-on-One session visit call the library at (559) 685-4503.

Tulare Public Library • 475 North M Street Tulare, CA 93274 • (559) 685-4500