Teens on Board

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In January 2000, the Teens-on-Board program was initiated in an effort to address that goal. Teens-on-Board changes the role of the young people, ensuring that they are valued and active members of our community. We are now in the sixteenth year of this program and teens have a voice in their community. To qualify, students must be a sophomore or junior and have a GPA of at least a 2.0. Recruitment will begin in September 2017 for the following school year.

During school year 2017-2018, twenty students will sit on eight governmental and community boards. Their names and the boards they represent are listed below:

City Council

Wilimer Lazo
Palwinder Dhillon
Lasha Nunez

Library Board

Alejandra Alfaro
Alexandra Arroyo

Parks & Recreation Commission     

Brock Borba
Estefania Palomarez
Kallista Wales

Planning Commission

Esmeralda Contreras
Ethan Padilla
Jennifer Rodriguez

           Board of Public Utilities Alicia Aroche
Esmeralda Arellano
Maribel Lupercio

Tulare Health Clinic 

Natalie Lopez
Samantha Marquez
Tatiana Sanchez

Tulare Youth Service Bureau

Kayla Ferreira
Micaela Zuniga
           Alternate  Joanna Aguilar