Public Works Inspection

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Engineering provides public works inspection for new developments, contract projects and encroachment permit work. Contractors are required to provide notice 48 hours advance notice to schedule inspections. To schedule an inspection call (559) 684-4270.  Engineering may be contacted by phone at (559) 684-4207. The inspectors' normal working hours are Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Any deviation from this schedule will require the approval of the City Engineer, and may involve overtime charges to the contractor or developer.

While our inspectors will try to witness as much of the work as practical, it is essential that they inspect the following key elements before the contractor may proceed to the next step or before backfilling:

Water, Sewer, and Storm Drain Pipelines
Pipe bedding, hand compaction to 1 foot above pipe, backfill material used, trench compaction methods, sub-grade compaction, placement of aggregate base materials and trench paving in accordance with city standards.

Water Pipe Only
Prior to connecting to city mains, new mains must pass a pressure test, leak test and purity test. After passing purity tests, the contractor may make the tie-ins to the existing city main, with the inspector present.

Concrete Work
Forms or string line, proper location and widths of sidewalk and driveway approaches, compaction of native material, sand placement, concrete mix.

Street Paving
Scarification and compaction of sub-grade, placement and compaction of aggregate base material, grade checks, and asphalt concrete paving (including thickness, suitability of materials, and proper compaction).

In addition, our survey crew will be spot checking pipeline grades for gravity lines (usually sanitary sewer and storm drain lines). Do not backfill any gravity lines without prior approval of the Public Works Inspector. If possible, advise the inspector or survey crew what time of day you plan to backfill the trench.

Before requesting a final inspection for a subdivision, the contractor should review the punch list to be sure all applicable items have been addressed. Once the contractor has completed this check-off list, and corrected and/or completed any deficiencies, a final job walk with the Public Works Inspector will be scheduled. The contractor or developer must be present for this final inspection.

Prior to any work within city right-of-way, there must be approved plans and/or an encroachment permit issued by Engineering. Only State licensed contractors, with proper insurance forms on file, may work within city right-of-way.