Utility Master Plans

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On September 21, 2006, the City authorized Carollo Engineers, P.C. (Carollo) to prepare
these water, sewer, storm drain system master plan studies, which included the following tasks:

• Establish systems planning and evaluation criteria.
• Review existing system deficiencies and propose improvements to enhance system capacity.
• Recommend improvements needed to service anticipated future growth.
• Develop a Capital Improvement Program (CIP) with a planning horizon of 2030.

Water system master plan

• Evaluate the existing water distribution system.
• Perform a demand analysis and review supply capacity.
• Perform a system-wide storage analysis. 

Sewer system master plan

• Create and calibrate a hydraulic computer model of the collection system.
• Evaluate the capacity of the existing sewer collection system. 

Storm Drain system master plan

• Create a hydraulic and hydrologic computer model of the storm drainage system.
• Evaluate the capacity of the existing storm drainage system.