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 Currently Open Request for Bids (RFBs)
RFB #18-625 New Well No. 45 WT0025 - Equipping Vol. 1 of 2, Equipping Vol. 2 of 2, Plan SetRFB #18-625 - Addendum 1RFB #18-625 - Addendum 2RFB 18-625 - Addendum 3-Final

RFB #18-626 Water Storage Tanks - Bid Set Vol 1, Bid Set Vol. 2, Bid Set Vol. 3 Part 1Bid Set Vol. 3 Part 2Bid Set Vol. 3 Part 3Bid Set Vol. 3 Part 4, Bid Set Vol. 3 Part 5Bid Set Vol. 3 Part 6Bid Set Vol. 3 Part 7Bid Set Vol. 3 Part 8Bid Set Vol. 3 Part 9Bid Set Vol. 4, Addendum 1, BSK Geotechnical Report 2016.12.15Addendum 2 FINALRFB - Addendum No. 3 (FINAL)RFB 18-626 - Addendum 4

RFB #18-636 - Owens & I St. ImprovementsEN0070 - Owens and 'I' St. Improvements - Bid Set - Plans 11x17 (RFB #18-636)EN0070 - Owens & I St. Improvements - Specifications (RFB #18-636)EN0070 - 'I' St.-Owens - Geotechnical Report (RFB #18-636), EN0070 - Davis-Bacon Prevailing Wage Rates, 2017-1023 Updated Davis-Bacon Gen Decision Num CA170032 CA32EN0070 - State Prevailing Wage Rates2017-1027 Addenda - Addendum 12017-1030 Addenda - Addendum 220170911 I Street Improvement Project SWPPP

RFB #18-644 - Well #1 & Well #26 Improvements - WT0020 - RFB 18-644 - Well 1 & 26 ImprovementsWT0020 - RFB 18-644 - Well 1 & 26 Bidders List

Awarded - RFPs
RFP #TR0002-02 Labor Compliance Monitoring Services
RFP #TR0002 Engineering Design Services For Transit Building Drop-Off And Driveway Improvements
RFP #EN0017 Traffic Signal Modifications at the Intersection of Prosperity Avenue and J Street
RFP #EN0053-01 Labor Compliance Monitoring Services
RFP #EN0053-02 Materials Testing Services
RFP #14/15-01 Annual Contract to Provide Various Materials Testing Services
EN0023 Santa Fe Trail Overcrossing RFP for CM Services
Engineering Design Services - Traffic Signal Installation/Modification Projects
Engineering Design & Geotechnical Engineering Services
RFP #1516-01 FY 2015/16 Traffic Count Data Collection
RFP # EN0015-01 Appraisal services for EN0015
RFP EN0066-01 Design Services for EN0066 Laspina St Improvements
RFP #EN0066 Labor Compliance Monitoring Services
RFP Labor Compliance 16-585 EN0065
RFP Construction Management 16-586 EN0065
RFP New Development Public Facilities Financing Study (including a Development Impact Fee (DIF) Study)
RFP On-Call Environmental Services - RFP #17-595
On-Call Construction Manager-Inspector - RFP #18-619
On-Call Construction Materials Testing - RFP #18-620
On-Call Construction Surveying - RFP #18-621
On-Call Labor Compliance Services - RFP #18-622

Awarded - RFQs
RFQ: Engineering Improvement Standards and Subdivision Ordinance Update Project
RFQ Engineering and Surveying RFP 2016

Awarded - RFBs
Project EN0023 Santa Fe Trail Overcrossing
Project EN0008 In-Pavement Crosswalk Lights
Project EN0002 City of Tulare Cartmill Overcrossing
Project EN0019 Water, Sewer, Storm Drain, Street Improvements, and Traffic Signal Installation at Prosperity Avenue and "E" Street
Project EN0053 Water Main Replacement and Sidewalk Improvements on "B" Street, between Inyo Avenue and San Joaquin Avenue
Project EN0059 Sidewalk Improvements on Prosperity Avenue, Between West Street and UPRR Crossing
ST0007-216-0005 2015 - 2017 Street Traffic Striping
TR0002 - Transit Building Drop-Off and Driveway Improvements
RFB No. 16-574 FM0018 Demolition and Removal of Pool and Surrounding Structures
RFB No. 16-575 PK0020 Centennial Park Improvements
RFB No. 16-576 EN0066 Laspina Street Improvement
RFB EN0065 H Street Improvement Project Plan and Specifications